Before coming to your Lash Appointment:

1. Do not wear eye makeup. Makeup close to the eye area must be removed prior to the application process. Use a mild, oil-free cleanser. Do not use oil-based makeup removers.

2. Do not apply face creams or sunblock in the eye area. The oil found in many moisturizers prevents eyelash adhesive from bonding to the natural eyelash and reduces the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

3. Do not put on mascara. Removing mascara can be very time-consuming and any residual makeup will prevent proper application of the extensions.

4. If you need to wear contact lenses to your lash appointment, please be sure to bring a lens case and solution to put your contacts in. You are NOT able to wear contacts during lash application, contacts must be removed prior to service.

5. Do not curl your lashes before your appointment. Extensions will not adhere to crimped eyelashes.

6. We recommend lash fills every 2-3 weeks. Anything after 3 weeks, it would be considered a new set.

7. Mini fill's are only to be booked 7 days from your last lash appointment. 

8. If you currently have lash extensions on from another salon, it is required to book a removal service with your new set on your first visit. This is to avoid the risk of mixing different adhesives and different materials with extensions applied at other salons.