Before coming to your Skin Lab appointment:

1. Skip any strong at-home facial treatments the week before your appointment. You should even avoid gentle exfoliation for a few days before, since exfoliation is one of the key steps in a pro facial.

2. You should also bring in a list of the skin care products you use at home so your esthetician has the information she needs. In addition to your daily skin care products, make sure to bring a list of your medications, medical conditions and past skin conditions so your esthetician can choose products that won’t interact. Even over-the-counter medications can significantly affect your skin.

3. Check your calendar– do you have a big event coming up? Let the spa know ahead of time if your facial is the same day of your event. There are certain treatments and techniques they will avoid and they may have recommendations for the best time to schedule your facial for maximum results.

4. Don’t wax your skin for 24-48 hours before your spa facial. Waxing too soon beforehand could lead to irritation and a stinging sensation.

5. Be prepared to discuss your top skin concerns and your goals for your skin. Your esthetician will help you with specific treatments, but they will also help transform your at-home routine to best tackle your goals. Estheticians are licensed experts in skin and skin care – they should be your go-to resource for information.