Collagen Lip Mask


Collagen Lip Mask


You know how a great face mask energizes and rejuvenates your entire face in a matter of minutes? Give your lips that same intensive treatment in the comfort of your bedroom or bathroom. Extend’s Collagen Lip Masks are packed with pout-pleasing ingredients that will hydrate and nourish so your lips look and feel amazing after only a few minutes!

These jelly masks are specially formulated for plumping, hydrating, moisturizing, and conditioning the sensitive skin on your lips.

These masks are a safe and easy way to get pucker-ready. The fun lip-like shape and pink color also beg for social media documentation, so get your snapchat ready!

How To Use:

  • Use before applying makeup or any time lips needs a revitalizing boost.

  • Place lip gel onto clean lips for 10 minutes (15 minutes for extremely chapped lips)

  • Discard after use and massage any remaining serum in and around the lip area.

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