Lash Cleansing Brush


Lash Cleansing Brush


Lint-free cleansing brush

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The Lash Cleansing Brush was designed to use with our foaming lash cleanser. The lint-free brush hairs help to get deep in between layers of the natural lashes, cleaning the bases of extensions from every angle.

Unlike cotton products or towels, our ultra soft lash cleansing brush won’t catch on extensions, saving you from painful premature lash loss. Help your extensions last longer!

Pair the Cleansing Lash Brush with our specially formulated Foaming Lash Cleanser. The lash cleanser will remove makeup, oils and any protein buildups on natural lashes and extensions. Improve your lash retention with these 2 must have products!



  1. Place a small amount of cleanser on your lash cleansing brush.

  2. Gently work the foam into your lash line and once finished, rinse off with warm water.

  3. Pat the area dry and allow your lashes to air dry.

  4. Once your lashes are completely dry, you can brush them gently with the mascara wand that was supplied to you when they were applied.


Cleansing of your lash extensions doesn’t need to be an extra step in your daily skincare routine. You can simply clean your lashes at the same time you wash your face. It’s recommended that you cleanse your lash extensions every second day at least, as this will help ensure that they are kept clean and ready for your next lash appointment and it will prevent infection from occurring in or around your eyes.