Do I need to prepare to be waxed? Not at all, our skilled technicians take care of everything, taking you through our multi-step waxing process to provide the most comfortable and precise waxing experience. You do need at least ¼ inch of hair growth, for the waxing to be effective.

Can I wax during my time of the month?

Yes, just be aware that some may experience a slight increase in discomfort due to the hormonal influx you are experiencing.

Can I wax if I am taking any medications?

You can continue regular waxing on almost all medications with a few exceptions: Differen or Retin-A, we recommend that you discontinue use for at least 7 day prior to a waxing service.

Accutane: we will not wax if you are taking Accutane due to the increased risk of damaging the skin.

If you are unsure if you should continue waxing with any new medications contact your doctor for more information.

Can I tan after waxing?

We recommend that you avoid excess sun exposure for at least 24hrs after a waxing service, but if you will be sunbathing, we recommend the use of at least SPF 45

Can I still wax while pregnant?

Congratulations! And yes you can, you may experience an increase in sensitivity due to hormonal changes, and should talk to your doctor to be sure you have the all clear.

What is a Brazilian?

A Brazilian waxing service removes all unwanted hair in the front and back of your intimate areas.

What is a Mini-Brazilian?

A Mini-Brazilian removes all of your unwanted hair in the front of your intimate areas.

I have sensitive skin, can I still wax?

In most cases clients with sensitive skin enjoy a waxing service with minimal discomfort due to our expertly trained team, and amazing wax.

How long does waxing last?

Generally waxing lasts 3-4 weeks, hair growth pattern and season do affect these growth periods. We will work with you to develop a schedule that best fits your needs.