You can say good bye to razors and the annoying bumps and cuts they leave you with and say hello to a sleek and chic new you! Our talented waxologists at Extend Lash Salon + Skin Lab offer a wide range of services that are designed to help you feel confident and comfortable. Whether it’s your brows or your back, we have high-quality products and polished procedures that will leave you feeling smooth. The trained waxologists are here to help obtain the look and feel you want as fast as possible!

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Nervous about the pain that comes along with waxing those more sensitive areas?

Enhance your waxing experience by adding our UBER Numb No-Pain Pre-Wax treatment. In order to receive this enhancement you MUST select the UBER Numb No-Pain Pre-Wax treatment as a service add-on when booking online.



This pre-wax treatment will be your savior when it comes to your waxing sessions. This breakthrough numbing cream helps reduce the pain inflicted from waxing your intimate area. A 4% concentration of lidocaine-based cream safely numbs your skin for 15 minutes. This makes for an ouchless session, getting rid of the unnecessary pain that comes along with waxing.